Men's Groups

In addition to the ongoing groups listed below, St. Paul’s offers a number of short-term classes and other opportunities to get involved throughout the year. Go to the St. Paul’s Hub “Find a Group” link to view current offerings. New classes and group opportunities are also announced in the What’s Happening weekly email and The Messenger monthly newsletter.

Accountable Disciples

The Accountable Disciples is a group of men who meet weekly from 6:30 to 8 AM on Fridays in the Social Room to grow in their faith through Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Our group consists of young and older adults, professional and nonprofessional members, and retirees. For more information, go to the St. Paul’s Hub “Find a Group” link, and scroll to the listing for “Adult: Small Group Men’s Accountable Disciples.”

Men’s Walk to Emmaus Reunion Group

This group consists of men who have attended a Walk to Emmaus or similar weekend experience. The group meets for an hour to hold themselves accountable for living the life of grace. The meeting begins with prayer then we spend the rest of the time accounting for our piety, study and action the past week and then discussing where we have been closest to Christ and where we have failed Christ. We discuss our plans for the coming week in piety, study and action which is what we hold ourselves accountable for at our next meeting.  For more information, go to the St. Paul’s Hub “Find a Group” link, and scroll to the listing for “Adult: Small Group Men's Walk to Emmaus Reunion,” or contact Mike Lebo.