Men's Groups

In addition to the ongoing groups listed below, St. Paul’s offers a number of short-term classes and other opportunities to get involved throughout the year. Go to St. Paul’s Hub and click on the “Find a Group” link to view current offerings. New classes and group opportunities are also announced in the St. Paul’s Weekly and The Messenger monthly newsletter.

Annual Men’s Retreat

St. Paul’s Annual Men’s Retreat is usually held in late January/early February. Registration information and exact dates are announced in The Messenger monthly newsletter and the St. Paul’s Weekly.

Accountable Disciples

The Accountable Disciples is a group of men who meet weekly from 6:30 to 8 AM on Fridays in the Social Room to grow in their faith through Bible study, discussion, and prayer. Our group consists of young and older adults, professional and nonprofessional members, and retirees. For more information, go to St. Paul’s Hub, click on the “Find a Group” link, and scroll to the listing for “Adult: Small Group Men’s Accountable Disciples.”