finding your path

Finding Your Path

For many, a worship service is the first step on the pathway of faith. For others, serving in the community to make a difference is the first step in their faith journey. Whether you are someone who is just beginning to be in relationship with Jesus or you are someone who has been in relationship with Jesus since you were a child, we are all on the same path together. At St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation, we believe that life is richer, more joy-filled, and more meaningful when you become actively involved in the life of the church. The best way to connect with others, grow in your faith, and make a difference in the world is in the environment of authentic community.

It’s a life-long, challenging endeavor to be a faithful follower of Jesus within this broken world, and each of us is responsible for our own spiritual development. Our spiritual journey is a marathon, not a sprint. A marathon runner has a training schedule to follow, nutritious meals to eat, and a trainer to help give advice at times. But, the trainer doesn’t run the miles; the marathon runner does. So, too, with our individual spiritual journeys. It is up to us to deepen our relationships with God and our neighbors. It is up to us to find ways to feed and nurture our souls so that we can go out into God’s world to serve. It is our responsibility to engage in spiritual practices, worship, Bible study, and then join God in bringing about the kingdom here on earth.

To help us in both our individual and collective spiritual journeys, we offer the pathways to MEETING, MAKING, MOVING. This pathway is like our spiritual trainer — it lays out options and opportunities to help us along the way. Our hope is that we all find where we are in meeting, making, and moving and are then inspired by the Holy Spirit to take intentional next steps along our pathway. In doing so, our prayer is that we all are met by God, continue to be made into Jesus’ faithful followers, and are moved by the Holy Spirit!

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