Adult Small Group and Study Offerings


Sunday School Class for Parents (and Parents at Heart)

Main Group Leaders: Shannon Milinovich and Sam Bonsall

When: Sundays 9:00 am

Where: Education Center Room 209

Contact: Shannon Milinovich or Sam Bonsall

Forum Class

Main Group Leader: George Mitchell

Description: The class is a discussion type class with much dialogue and even some friendly disagreement.

When: Sundays 3:00 pm

Where: via Zoom

Contact: George Mitchell

Seekers & Servants

Main Group Leader: Phil Mohr

Description: The Seekers & Servants Sunday morning class begins its first study of the new school year using David Kalas’ brand-new book THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LEVITICUS: Finding God’s Love in God’s Law. Quoting Josh Tinley, “As much as we might be inclined to ignore Leviticus and the rest of the Old Testament Law, it is part of our holy Scriptures. We may be tempted to say that, because of Jesus, we don’t have to worry about the Law. But Jesus himself taught that the Law was important. He hadn’t come to replace the Law but to fulfill it.” In his book, Kalas points out that while many of the rules and regulations, as they are written, do not apply to us today, they still have important lessons “to teach us about God’s will, holiness, relationships, and accountability. They tell us what matters to God, and what God asks of us.” Come join the class as we discuss how these ancient laws have new meaning in light of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

When: Sundays 9:00 - 10:00 am

Where: Wesley Lounge in Welsey Building at 250 E. College

Contact: Phil Mohr



Main Group Leader: Eileen Rotthoff

Description: Small group for Bible study, Christian support and fellowship. We will be starting a new study on September 8, entitled Faith, Depending on God. The sessions are Bible studies of people and of faith’s essence.

When: Sundays 4:30 - 6:00 pm

Where: Wesley Lounge in Welsey Building at 250 E. College

Contact: Eileen Rotthoff

Open Table

Main Group Leaders: Debbie Harwell

Description: We believe we are called to make disciples for Christ, and are guided by the two greatest commandments Jesus states to his followers: to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We believe God’s love and grace are offered to everyone and meant to be shared and celebrated by all. We strive to embrace all persons of every age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnic and religious background, and economic means as vital, relevant, and integral members of God’s family. With open arms the Open Table small group welcomes all into faith community.

When: Regular events are scheduled and advertised to this Reconciling Community – book studies, speakers, worship services, service projects, Sunday School.

Contact: Debbie Harwell

Tuesday Morning Small Group

Main Group Leader: Cindy Alley

Description: Our meetings combine Bible Study and supporting each other in prayer and fellowship. You are welcome whether you come every week, or only occasionally when your schedule allows. Each member pays for their own light breakfast. We try hard to end promptly at 8:30.

When: Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 am

Where: P.J. Harrigans (in the lounge area)

Contact: Cindy Alley

Women of Purpose

Main Group Leader: Patsy Nelson

Description: Women of Purpose (WOP) meets for study and discussion, fellowship, caring and prayer. In September we will begin a study called Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley. Everyone is welcome.

When: Tuesdays 12:30 to 2:30 pm

Where: Christian Education Building, 127 McAllister St, 3rd Floor

Contact: Patsy Nelson

Women of Faith, Hope, & Love

Main Group Leader: Linda Keisling

Description: We are an intergenerational group of women who meet for study, fellowship, care, and support. We study a variety of materials such as spiritual classics, modern theology, Bible and topical studies. The group meets weekly throughout the school year and monthly over the summer. All are welcome — we are always excited to meet new members! The study for Fall 2019 is Journey Through the Bible: Romans through Phillippians.

When: Wednesdays 9:30 am

Where: St. Paul's Education Center at 127 McAllister St

Contact: Linda Keisling

Men’s Accountable Disciples

Main Group Leader: Mike Lebo

Description: The Accountable Disciples is a group of men who meet weekly to grow in their faith through Bible study, discussion and prayer. The group consists of young and old adults, professional and nonprofessional members, and retirees. The resource guide that is used is the Daily Bible Study. This is published quarterly. The guide format is a daily Bible reading and a one-page discussion of the reading. The Friday morning format includes a period of fellowship followed by a group discussion. The discussion is based on the weekly daily readings and is informal in structure. The gathering ends promptly at 8:00. Approximately every 5-6 weeks a group breakfast is prepared and served by the group.

When: Fridays 6:30 - 8:00 am

Where: Social Hall, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Calder Way entrance behind 250 E. College

Contact: Dave Fecko