Wedding Policies

The Covenant of Christian Marriage

Christian marriage is a life-long covenant of faithfulness between a man and a woman based upon the love of God. It is God who “created us male and female for each other” (Mark 10:6). In his sacrificial love, Jesus gave us the example for the love of husband and wife.

The basis of marriage is not the love that brings the couple together, but the commitment they add to that love. Christian marriage is an exchange of vows of faithfulness and commitment before others and God. As God blesses the making of the marriage covenant, God also promises to provide the gifts of grace, love, forgiveness, and peace to enable the couple to keep the promises they make.

The Service of Christian Marriage is a worship experience in which the invited guests are participants in worship and support the couple as they make their covenant with each other and God. The couple may choose to use the United Methodist Service of Christian Marriage (No. 684 in the United Methodist Hymnal) or a more personalized alternative as facilitated by the officiating pastor.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church welcomes requests for weddings to be held in the sanctuary or in the Frank Chapel.

Select several dates and then contact Linda Heverly, pastoral administrative assistant, at for the availability of the facility and a pastor. Guidelines for planning your wedding will be sent to you along with our fee schedule.

The Pastors

Our pastors are Rev. Gregory A. Milinovich and Rev. Rebecca J. McGee. Counseling sessions with the officiating pastor are required.

The Organists

Our primary organist is Mary Bahnfleth. She will guide you in selecting music appropriate to the religious setting of the service. Guest organists are permitted upon approval of the primary organist. Vocalists should consult with the organist at least a month before the wedding. The music which is chosen for the wedding should be compatible with the religious setting of the service.

Other Facts to Consider

  • The sanctuary seats 400 people, plus 212 in the balcony. There are nine pews on each side of the aisle.
  • The Frank Chapel seats 42 people.
  • Tape may not be used on the pews or other furniture. The pulpit may not be removed.
  • If a runner is desired, your florist can supply a 50-foot runner.
  • No rice, bird seed, or confetti may be thrown.
  • If your flowers are to be used in the church on the Sunday following your wedding, please contact the church office one month in advance so we can notify the flower committee and make mention in the church bulletin.
  • Guest clergy may assist in the ceremony and should be invited by the St. Paul’s clergy.
  • Flash photography is not allowed during the ceremony. The wedding party will have access to the sanctuary two hours before and two hours after the service.
  • A CD recording of your wedding service is included as part of your service. The sound coordinator must be contacted as soon as your wedding date is confirmed. The number of necessary technicians depends upon the amount of equipment desired. A sound technician will be needed for both the rehearsal and wedding ceremony when using the sanctuary (not necessary when using the Frank Chapel).
  • Parking for your wedding is in the lot behind the church or in the metered parking deck on McAllister Street. Bagged meter parking may be obtained from the State College Borough office. Reservation of parking meters in front of the church for the bridal party must be made through the State College Borough office.
  • Receptions may be held in the social room. The capacity for a sit-down reception is 164 people. The food is supplied by the couple or a caterer. To reserve the social room, call 814-237-2163.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Alcohol and tobacco use are not permitted anywhere within the church property. The inability to abide by St. Paul’s alcohol and tobacco policy may result in the cancellation of your service.
  • Please read our Building Use Policies.


Available wedding dates will be placed on the permanent calendar soon after your contact with the church office. Please complete the Wedding Worksheet and return it to the church office with completed information. You will be responsible for completing and mailing the Sound Request Form to the person listed at the bottom of the form.


Please contact Linda Heverly, pastoral administrative assistant, at

Fee Schedule for Members

  • Officiating Pastor: $150 is the suggested fee.
  • Sound Coordinator and Recording Technician: $50 per technician
  • Organist: Please contact the organist for your wedding regarding fees for your ceremony.
  • Use of Church Facility (Sanctuary or Chapel): No charge for professing members of St. Paul’s UMC (bride, bridegroom, mother of either, or father of either)
  • Use of Candelabra: $25 (must use candles provided by St. Paul’s)
  • Custodial Fees:
    • Opening and locking of the building the day of the service and cleaning all areas used by the wedding party: $100
    • Cleaning after a reception in the social room and areas used by the wedding party: $100
  • Pre-Marital Inventory — payment due at first consultation: $10

All payments, as well as the marriage license, should be received in the church one week before the wedding service.

A notice of ANY change in your wedding plans should be shared with the church office (237-2163). If you have made arrangements with sound technicians, custodians, musicians, etc., who are affected by a change, it is your responsibility to notify them.

(All fees may be subject to change during the next calendar year.)

Approved 10/26/94 Board of Trustees

Revised 6/25/05 Board of Trustees