Small Groups

The primary mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ. There are many ways we that we go about making disciples, but the best way comes from Jesus himself. Jesus gathered together 12 ordinary men, asking them to follow him. They met together regularly listened to Jesus’ teachings, prayed together, worshiped together and loved one another. They weren't perfect by any means, but they were transformed. They became faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. As they shared Christ with others, the world became transformed as well.

At St. Paul’s, we believe the best way to make disciples for Jesus Christ is through small groups. A small group is an intentional face-to-face gathering of three to 12 people who meet on a regular time schedule with the common purpose of discovering and growing in the possibilities of the abundant life in Christ.

Because we are a large church, it can be difficult to get to know a lot of people. It may difficult to get connected into ministry because you don’t quite know where you fit in. By joining a small group, you will get to know a few people really well and as a result you will begin to find where God is calling you to be in ministry at St. Paul’s. A small group is a place where you can live out your Christian faith in a community of people who really care about you. Through journeying together in a small group that meets together regularly, you will grow in your faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ. And as a result you will be equipped to serve Christ in the world. A small group is about being CONNECTED, living in Christian COMMUNITY, and knowing and serving CHRIST.

We hope that you will consider joining a small group if you haven’t ever done so before. To help you find your way through the many small groups that we offer here at St. Paul’s, go to the St. Paul’s Hub  “Find a Group” link. It will take you to a list of groups that you can search to find one that meets your needs. And if you can’t find one, or have an idea for a new small group, please let the Small Group Ministry Team know. We want to help you grow in your faith to become a disciple of Jesus Christ!

Looking forward to serving you!