History of Liturgical Dance at St. Paul's

Liturgical Dance at St. Paul’s has moved through several different stages since its introduction into the worship services. Originally, liturgical dance at St. Paul’s consisted largely of hand and arm movements set to music with accompanying facial expressions.

A group of trained teen and adult dancers, under the leadership of Abigail Helsel, took liturgical dance at St. Paul’s to a new level with the establishment of “SeeKing Neveah” in 2010. SeeKing Neveah offered approximately four dances per year in the sanctuary, with solo and group appearances, often centered on the high holy days of the Christian year.

When Ms. Helsel moved on to dance professionally with Ballet Maginificat! in 2012, Heather Sustersic was invited to serve as Artistic Director. In August 2013, the St. Paul’s liturgical dance group received the new name “Relevétions” and its membership expanded to include elementary school children, teens, and adults alike. Throughout the history of liturgical dance at St. Paul’s, upholding the tenants that 1) liturgical dance is an offering for the Lord, not for personal glory, and 2) that movements should come from Him, connects past with present.