About the Director

Dancing for the Lord is Heather Sustersic’s passion. There is no One more worthy of the care and time invested in creating a work of artistic liturgical dance. Heather joined “SeeKing Nevaeh” liturgical dance group of St. Paul’s in 2011.

Heather began dancing at the age of five at Jeanette School of Dance in Glen Burnie, MD, where she developed a love of dance over her first four dance years. he moved on to study intensively for nine years at the Carter School of Dance in Severna Park, MD, training in the arts of classical ballet (Cecchetti method, including pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, and classical Spanish. In college, Heather and her husband, John, led and trained with the Penn State Competitive Ballroom Dance team for four years under the combined direction of Terry and Rozanna Sweeney, Robert and Jolene Nickel, Christine Zona, and Darryl (Tino) Maggio. As husband and wife, they led the team which organized the first “Keystone Classic” intercollegiate ballroom dance competition at Penn State, University Park campus. More recently, Heather resumed her ballet studies at the Performing Arts School of Central Pennsylvania (PASCP), adding the Vaganova ballet technique to her repertoire, where she was invited to join the faculty in 2013.

When she is not dancing at St. Paul’s, Heather enjoys serving as a wife and mother, providing structural engineering services for buildings and sculptures at Providence Engineering, baking, water color painting, gardening, arranging flowers, sewing, teaching ballet courses at PASCP, and serving as a voting member of two Masonry Society (TMS) TMS 402/602 code subcommittees and the TMS meetings committee.

If you or your child would like to join Relevétions, please email Heather!