Kitchen Use Policies

Reserve the kitchen through Louise Albert at 814-237-2163

 A responsible Church member must be present when the kitchen is used by outside parties.

Be sure that ALL switches on the coffee maker are in the OFF position before leaving. Be sure the stove is turned OFF before leaving. (The OFF position is horizontal for all knobs.)

The convection oven is the oven on the right side of the stove as you face it, but the ON switch for that oven is on the left. Instructions for all equipment can be found on the shelf under the coffee maker. Read complete instructions on the wall when operating the dishwasher and make sure it is cleaned out and turned off before leaving.

DO NOT leave leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer unless prior arrangements have been made for someone to use them. Label those items so they will not be thrown out.

When using tea towels for Church activities, you are responsible for washing and returning them to the kitchen.

Be sure the kitchen is CLEANED UP AND LEFT IN GOOD CONDITION before you leave. All equipment should be returned to its proper place.

Approved 10/26/94, Board of Trustees

Revised 5/22/96, Board of Trustees