Congregational Health Ministries


Contact Information

Renae Schunk

Director of Health Ministries

237-2163 Ext. 152

Promoting health, healing, and wholeness after the example of Christ

Our Vision

To nurture the body of Christ along the continuum of wellness for the healing and well being of the church and community.

Our Mission

To support and assist the members, constituents, and community in promoting health, healing, and wholeness after the example of Christ.

What We Do

Congregational Health Ministries focus on supporting and assisting members of congregations/constituents, clergy and their communities with activities that relate to health education, prevention, and wellness. The overall goal is to find balance among all the dimensions that comprise it: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, and social.

Congregational Health Ministries do not have one single formula as to how they function. They do have a commonality in the services that are typically provided. Some typical services include but are not limited to: prayer and healing; hospital and shut-in visitation; health education and screenings; health fairs; advocacy; mental health awareness and education; and interventions.

Congregational Health Ministries have a focus on collaboration and networking with others connected to similar interests with a deeper concern for and commitment to something greater than self.

Congregational Health Ministries are made up of individuals that are motivated by strong beliefs, principles, ethics, and values with the desire to serve others with altruism and compassion grounded in faith.

Congregational Health Ministries DO NOT provide medical care, diagnostic screenings, home health care or any service/procedure that is invasive or falls within the scope of practice for a licensed health profession.

Congregational Health Ministries is looking for volunteers with a passion of helping others. If you feel this may be your calling or spiritual gift, please contact Renae Schunk at or 237-2163 Ext. 152.